Clean Meat & more delivered to your town

What is a Buying Club?

A buying club is a local group of people that has a common interest in purchasing local, farm fresh food. The group's combined orders make it possible for us to make the delivery to each location.

What can you purchase through a buying club? Retail items, like packages of ground beef, pork chops, chicken, etc. You will have full access to our grass-fed & pastured meats, naturally-grown produce, honey, maple syrup, local dairy products, & more!

Every month, you can place an order using our convenient online store. Then we pack your order and send you an invoice you can pay online. On delivery day, we delivery your order to the meeting location for your club. When you arrive to pick up your order, we will give you your products for you to take home and enjoy. Its that easy, that simple.

How It Works


Choose Your Club


Place Your Order


Pick Up Your Food


You want to eat local because it's fresher & healthier. Our farm is located close to home so you can know your farmer and feel good about the food your family is eating.


Work, SchWe know that life is hectic and doesn't leave much time to make it out to the farm. With delivery close to home, our buying clubs make getting clean, farm-fresh food easy & convenient.


You don't want GMO's, chemical sprays, antibiotics, & hormones on your dinner plate and we don't think they should be there either. Raised on pasture, without genetically-modified feeds or yucky chemicals, our products are always clean so you can enjoy a healthy dinner with your family.


Being a member of the buying club is an incredible convenience to us. Buying your product allows us to confidently provide nutrient dense, ethically produced food for our family.

~Kevin Spigelmyer (buying club member)

Where are our clubs located?

  • Avon

  • Elyria

  • Strongsville

  • Rocky River

  • Wellington (on-farm)