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Our Story

Fair View Meadow Farm is a 65-acre, four-generation, family-owned, grassfed farm, nestled in the countryside outside of historic Wellington, Ohio. We specialize in high-quality grassfed meat and other natural and organic products.

Here at Fair View Meadow Farm we believe that you shouldn't have to worry about what's in your food! In a world filled with GMO's, chemicals, and antibiotics, our farm is dedicated to changing the food system by producing clean, healthy grass-fed & pastured meats, naturally-grown produce, & much more so that you can have confidence in your food.


We raise our products in a manner that enhances the lives of our customers, the promotes the welfare of our animals, and the protects the environment around us. Agriculture, food, and life are all part of an intricate system and we do our best to promote the health and wellness of that system. 

Our family settled on this farm in the early 1960’s when George and Vivian Joppeck moved their young family down to Wellington from South Amherst, Ohio. We began practicing grass-fed farming around 2000 when Nathan (rear left in picture) began to take an interest in agriculture.  Fair View Meadow Farm is run by Nathan Joppeck, his wife Jessica, and their children Owen, Westen, & Ivy. Nathan's parents, John & Louise, also play a significant role on the farm. Nathan's brother and sister-in-law, Chad & Laura, and their kids help occasionally as needed.​

Full Joppeck Family 2019 (26).jpg

Nathan is a 2005 graduate the Polyface Farm Apprenticeship Program.  Polyface Farm has been at the forefront of grass-based farming for 40+ years.  Nathan's apprenticeship consisted of a year learning the art and science of grass-fed farming under the tutelage of Joel and the Salatin family. You can find Nathan's profile on the Polyface website.

Our location is right next to the Lorain County Fair, hence our name.  This is a picture of the Lorain County Fair and the immediate surrounding area. Our property is the square enclosed by trees in the upper left hand corner, right next to the fair. If you really squint, you can even see the white speck, which is one of our meat chicken pens!

Fairgrounds Pic.jpg
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