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Free-Range/Pastured Eggs

Like our pastured meat chickens, our free-range hens are given access to fresh grass daily. 


Our hens are free to roam (range) the pasture in search of whatever delectable morsels they can find (they especially love chasing grasshoppers!). Our egg-layers are even more aggressive grazers than our meat chickens, contributing to the natural dark yellow/orange color of the yolks in our free-range eggs. Eating a natural diet of grass and bugs also imparts much more flavor and nutrients than you find in the pale yellow conventional eggs. In addition to bugs and grass, our layers receive a premium quality non-GMO grain ration, free of any herbicides, pesticides, or medications.


Order some today to find out why we get so many comments about how much better our free-range eggs taste than store-bought!

Syrup / Honey

Local Maple Syrup

Pure Raw Honey

Our maple syrup is made right here on our farm from the sugar bush back in our woods. 


In the early spring, we tap the trees, collect the sap, and boil it down.  Four generations of our family assist in collecting the sap every year to create rich, golden maple syrup for your family.  Our maple syrup is perfect to enjoy on a huge stack of pancakes or waffles! Don’t forget the whipped cream!

Straight from the beehive, our honey is pure and raw, never heated, which kills all of the natural goodness. 


The bees worked  hard to create everything good in the honey we sell and we don't want to take anything away! Our honey is produced by a local bee farmer and packaged here on our farm.



Hartzler's Family Dairy cheese is made in Wooster, Ohio from fresh local milk. 

This cheese is made from hormone-free milk from cows that spend much of their time on grass, which makes it a perfect fit for our farm.



Sustainably-harvested, hardwood firewood- cut, split, and dried. 

Sold by the cord and 1/2 cord. Delivery is available. 

Contact us for more information.

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