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Grass-fed and Finished Beef

Unlike some other farm animals, cattle have the ability to survive solely on grass.


They were created with four stomachs in order to break down the grass and turn it into useful energy. This energy is then turned into great tasting grass-fed beef for all of us to enjoy. All of our cattle are grassfed and finished, which means our cattle are fed a strictly grass/ hay diet from the time they arrive on our farm until the time they leave. 


Our beef is sold by the whole, half, and quarter. Retail cuts are available through buying clubs.


Pastured Chicken

Believe it or not, chickens like grass, too! Our pastured poultry are raised in bottomless pens (to naturally  fertilize the pasture) which are moved to fresh grass daily.


These pastured chickens can’t wait to be moved and rush forward to eat the fresh grass and clover. By receiving the fresh grass, air, and sunshine, these meaty, pastured birds are much healthier and happier than their conventional counterparts. Because chickens can't survive solely on grass, we also feed them a premium quality non-GMO grain ration, which is also does not contain any herbicides, pesticides, and medications. As a result, they make very juicy, great tasting meat you can be proud to serve your family and friends.


Be sure to reserve your family a grass-fed chicken today! Retail cuts available through buying clubs.

Pasture-Raised Turkeys

In much the same way as our pastured chickens, our turkeys are raised in a bottomless pen, moved to fresh pasture daily, and receive a non-GMO feed supplement.


We raise broad-breasted bronze turkeys, which are a closer resemblance to a wild turkey than their white-colored counterparts. These turkeys are aggressive grazers, which in turn gives these birds more flavor and texture than the traditional grocery store bird. It is fascinating to watch them rush forward and attack the fresh grass!  When processed, our birds do not get injected with any kinds of juices or flavor additives like conventional turkeys, which means that the flavor you taste is real turkey flavor!


Available for Thanksgiving or as retail cuts available through buying clubs.


Pastured Pork

Our grass-fed pork is raised in a life of luxury, doing what a pig does best--rooting!


After the cattle leave the hay shed in the spring, we put the pigs in to do their work. They root down through the layers of cattle bedding and uneaten hay, searching for whatever tasty morsels await. Unbeknownst to them however, they are churning the manure and creating excellent compost to be used on the pasture and gardens. They absolutely love this job! They are always so happy and healthy when they are in composting the cattle manure. When the cattle are in the barn for the winter, they stay in our hog shed where they eat plenty of hay, grass clippings, and garden scraps. 
Since pigs also need grain to grow well and fatten up, our pigs are supplemented with a premium quality non-GMO feed ration, which is also does not contain any herbicides, pesticides, or medications. All of this combines to create top quality grass-fed pork!


Our pork is sold by the whole and the half. Retail cuts are available through buying clubs.


Grass-fed and Finished Lamb

Like cattle, sheep can survive solely on a diet of grass. 

The grass-fed lamb we sell is completely grassfed and finished. It is raised by Sunnyland Farm in Mt. Gilead, OH.


Retail cuts only, available through our buying clubs.

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